Welcome to Nga Gyur Shed Dup Choe Ling

Nga Gyur Shed Dup Choe Ling (NGSDCL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support, propagation and preservation of Buddhist studies and practices throughout the world as well as the promotion of loving kindness among us all. Established by HE Sonam Lodroe Rinpoche in 2006, its primary objective is to extend the Lord Buddha's sublime teachings of Compassion and Wisdom as vast as possible, to bring all sentient beings to the ultimate happiness.


The 12th Guru Zambala & Vajrasattva Jangchok Grand Puja 2019

Our annual Grand Puja, presided by our Guru Sonam Rinpoche, will be held on 10/8/19 (Guru Rinpoche day in the Tibetan Calendar) & 11/8/19 from morning 10.00am - 9.30pm at KL & Chinese Assembly Hall.

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