Maha Project

Buddhism began to land in Tibet in the seventh century during the time of King Songtsen Gampo. In the eighth century, Buddhism began to take root in Tibet, during the time of King Trisong Detsen. Acharya Padmasambhava and Abbot Shantirakshita helped the King to bring dharma to Tibet and translate the teachings into the Tibetan language.

Tibet is a place of ancientness and the long history of Buddhism, however, in all its mystic amazement, the nation is indeed living in poverty. Together with our mission of preservation and promotion of loving kindness, these factors have invoked Sonam Rinpoche’s attempt to construct a multi-purpose building here, Nga Gyur Shed Dup Choe Ling, namely “The Place of Learning and Practicing of The Ancient Buddha Dharma”. This building will be a combination of an old folks’ home and an orphanage in order to provide a shelter to the orphans and elderly a place of better living. In addition to that, the building is also a place for the practitioners to further their dharma education.

The Monastery will be constructed from lower building part and slowly add up to the top building. It will have about 200 rooms in order to provide a place to live for old folks, orphans and students or practitioners. We provide free staying and education to those needed. In addition, in front of the building is a spacious field. It will become a great place for devotional services. The building will also comprise of halls, study rooms and library etc.

The orphanage building is intended to provide shelter for the Tibetan orphans. It has 80 rooms including a canteen, a library, rest rooms, kitchen, washrooms and meditation center. It allows 320 children to stay in the building and each room can have 4 children to share. For the children aged 5 above, they can learn English, Chinese and Tibetan language. After age of 18, they can choose to further study at the Buddhist Institute or becomes the teacher to the younger children or leaving the Monastery to join the society.

The Buddhist Institute provides English, Chinese and Tibetan language of Buddhist or monastic education that emphasize the study and practice of Buddha’s teaching. After graduation, the student can provide speeches at overseas or can choose to further at other institutes or become a teacher at the institute. The Institute will also establish a linkage with other established Buddhist Institutes around the world.

Moreover, the Monastery allows practitioners and monks whom travel and need a place to stay overnight. A clinic will be set to provide free medical consultative services and free medicine to the needy. Our funding goes to support Tibetans, non-Tibetans, monks, nuns, lay students and practitioners, scholars, translators, and researchers from all the different Buddhist traditions.

This multi-purpose building is estimated to need 30 millions of Ringgit Malaysia in order to complete the construction. We now extend our request for contribution as much as your compassion allows to this noble cause in the hope that the Monastery can be completed.